Lower School

The Grades K - 4 program creates an intimate educational environment encouraging students to explore and question their world.
Our students enjoy the challenges of an exciting program that empowers curiosity, teaches both basic and advanced skills, and nurtures each child's social, creative, and academic growth. The dedicated faculty inspire habits of lifelong learning within a caring, respectful, and loving community. Students develop the confidence that comes from the accomplishments of hard work and the contentment of spirited play.

Lower School students' schedules are design to encourage them to question, discover, and lead their learning. On top of traditional core subject areas like math, science, reading and language arts, writing, and history/geography, students also study Spanish, visual and performing arts, library and media studies, computer science, and physical education. Visit the Grades K - 4 Curriculum Guide for a detailed look at the program and the Academic Highlights page to learn more about the division's signature programs: 1:1 Program, Computer Science Program, Destination Imagination, FAB Lab, and Singapore Math.

The School offers myriad opportunities for students to collaborate, not only outside of their grade, but across divisions, from weekly morning meetings to Chapel Buddies to special events like Bird House Building, Storybook Month Celebration, Halloween Parade, and an Easter Egg Hunt with the seniors. The division also has its own cherished list of annual special events that transport students into other cultures and subject areas.

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